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My Approach

I am warm and direct as I help you strengthen your relationship. I believe everyone has work to do, and the most effective way to help people realize their growth areas and make changes is by empathically and gently, but also directly, helping them become more aware of this. I ensure that every partner feels heard and understood, while encouraging them to take responsibility for any unhelpful behaviors and commit to making positive changes to strengthen their relationship. I have extensive training in couples therapy (see below) so that I can help couples address a variety of problems, such as improving communication and conflict resolution skills, healing from past hurts like infidelity, or adapting to new challenges or changes in the relationship.


Any therapist offering couples therapy should have specialized training in it, given the work's unique nature and incredible importance. Couples therapy isn't just individual therapy times two; it's a completely different type of work that requires very specialized knowledge. As a result, I am highly trained in couples therapy. I am certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is an evidence-based therapy rooted in attachment theory that has decades of research proving its efficacy. In addition, I have advanced training in Gottman Therapy and Relational Life Therapy, and taken together, I use my expertise in these three types of therapy to create an eclectic approach, tailoring my method to each couple and adjusting throughout the therapy.


From my years of working with various clients,  I know that a deeper understanding of how our past influences our present is instrumental in seeing ourselves and our patterns more clearly. I believe that the ability to make positive change necessitates a combination of self-awareness and self-compassion, and I strive to help my clients see themselves more clearly and kindly. I also believe that a solid therapeutic relationship is critical, and I prioritize making my clients feel understood, validated, and safe to have a solid foundation from which to grow. I am interactive and direct in sessions and am willing to challenge my clients or give them difficult feedback in a non-judgmental way. My clients describe me as approachable, honest, and warm, and I make every effort to make clients feel comfortable from the very first session.


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