Available via Telehealth

Coaching is intensive short-term work for those seeking a greater understanding into who they are and what they need as a partner. I will provide a comprehensive assessment that looks at (among other things) your attachment style, your strengths as a partner, areas for self-growth, and patterns in your relationships. If you're interested in more in-depth and longer-term work, you may prefer individual therapy.

In coaching, you have the opportunity to complete a written assessment, which will begin the process by providing insight and direction. We will then meet for a 2-hour session, during which I will share insights from your assessment, guide you through understanding your typical roles and patterns in relationships, help you identify your emotional needs, and pinpoint specific areas for improvement. Coaching typically lasts for 1-6 sessions, and at the end I will provide recommendations for goals, as well as specific exercises/strategies to try.

Individual coaching is often requested by people who:

  • Have been struggling to sustain a romantic relationship

  • Are going to start dating or have been unsuccessful in dating

  • Are not interested in therapy but would like a better understanding of themselves

  • Plan to start therapy and would like some more information before doing so

  • Are hoping to strengthen their current relationship by better understanding themselves as a partner 

*Coaching is private pay only. Please contact me for additional information on the rates and time commitment required.

Couples coaching is for couples who are interested in highly focused, time-limited, and skills-based work. In coaching, couples engage in extended, intensive sessions of exploration, insight, and education. Couples gain awareness of their roles and communication styles, learn to recognize and change unhelpful patterns in their relationship, identify problem areas that require change, practice strategies to communicate more effectively, and learn the necessary skills to have calmer and more productive disagreements. For couples who need to address longstanding issues and require more frequent sessions and support, couples therapy may be a better fit.


Coaching requires both partners to complete an assessment prior to participation, which helps to both focus and accelerate the work, and partners must commit to completing both individual and shared exercises between sessions. We will meet every 2-4 weeks for sessions that last 3 hours, and you will be able to help decide on a timeframe for how long coaching will last (usually around 3-6 months). The longer sessions allow us to identify underlying issues that are contributing to relational unhappiness, sharing individual needs, feelings, and insight, and practicing evidence-based skills for communicating more effectively and resolving conflict. You will leave each session with more knowledge, new skills to practice, and a greater sense of connection to your partner.

Couples coaching is intended for couples who:

  • Are in crisis and need immediate, intensive work to save the relationship

  • Have hit a rough patch after becoming parents, moving in together, or discovering an affair



    Are both committed to heal past hurts, take responsibility, and forgive

  • Are struggling to make a time-sensitive decision, such as whether or not to have children

  • Are seeking discernment counseling (deciding about divorce)



*Coaching is private pay only. Please contact me for additional information on the rates and time commitment required.