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 Available via Telehealth

The Relationship Coaches is for couples interested in highly focused, time-limited, and skills-based work. Couples engage in exploration, insight, education, and practice in each service offered. Couples gain awareness of their roles and communication styles, learn to recognize and change unhelpful patterns in their relationship, identify problem areas that require change, understand each other's sexual needs and how to navigate their sexual life together, practice strategies to communicate more effectively, and learn the necessary skills to have calmer and more productive disagreements.

The Relationship Coaches offer several transformative paths for you to strengthen your partnership. My knowledge of couples therapy, combined with Dr. Bailey Hanek's expertise in sex therapy, provides you with the tools you need to proactively create the best relationship possible. Instead of waiting for a crisis, The Relationship Coaches teaches you how to take charge and build a successful partnership. You can choose from self-guided learning in the Trail Map, completing Outlooks on specific topics, working with us directly in our Intensive, or joining us for a tropical retreat. 

The services offered by The Relationship Coaches are often sought out by people who:

  • Have hit a rough patch after a life change, such as moving in together or getting married

  • Want to address potential problems early in the relationship

  • Are committed to healing past hurts, taking responsibility, and forgiving

  • Are hoping to strengthen their current relationship by better understanding themselves as a partner, including attachment style, intimacy needs, and communication patterns

*These services are private pay only. Please visit The Relationship Coaches website for additional information.

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