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 All Services Available via Telehealth

Many people feel overwhelmed and lost, unhappy in their situation but unable to make positive changes or find satisfaction in life. They rely on old habits to feel better. They avoid by overworking or isolating, escape through technology or substances, or are self-critical in hopes this will force them to change.


In individual therapy, I help my clients understand how their past has shaped their present, identify immediate and future goals, learn healthy ways to cope and grow and find meaning in their lives. I help my clients reduce anxiety, manage depression and bipolar symptoms, resolve relationship issues, navigate difficult life transitions, and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles.  

Working with me will likely include some lifestyle changes in addition to the deeper emotional work. Daily routines like a consistent sleep and exercise schedule are critical components of our mental health and well-being. While you make mindset shifts and dynamic changes in therapy, you will also create a more balanced and satisfying lifestyle to support these changes.

Individual therapy can last for months to years, depending on your goals, and how long you stay in treatment is largely up to you. Some of my clients are interested in longer-term support and choose to stay in therapy for years. There is no minimum or "right" amount of time to be in therapy; it depends entirely on what you want and need. 

If you want to live a fuller, more present, and more connected life, I'm here to help.

Common problems that I help my clients address are:

Relationship Issues

  • Distress due to a breakup or divorce

  • Struggling with dating or finding a partner

  • Becoming too attached to a partner and feeling dependent on them for happiness

  • Inability to stop people pleasing in relationships

  • Difficulty communicating needs or setting boundaries

Lack of Purpose or Life Satisfaction 

  • Comparing to other people and seeing personal successes as insignificant

  • Anxiety about work, relationships, or major life decisions

  • Feeling stuck or lost in life

  • Inability to maintain work-life balance

  • Not enjoying life and feeling that time is passing by quickly

Stress and Self-Criticism

  • Feeling overwhelmed by decisions, tasks, or goals

  • Relying on self-criticism for motivation despite its negative impact

  • Constantly worrying about being good enough

  • Always waiting for the next achievement to establish a sense of self-worth

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