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 Available via Telehealth due to COVID-19

Many people feel overwhelmed and lost, unhappy in their situation but unable to make positive change or find satisfaction in life. They rely on old habits to feel better such as avoidance by overworking or isolating, escaping through technology or substances,  or being self-critical in hopes this will force themselves to change. In individual therapy I help my clients understand how their past has shaped their present, identify immediate and future goals, learn healthy ways to cope and grow, and find meaning in their lives. I help clients reduce anxiety, manage depression, resolve relationship issues, navigate difficult life transitions, and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles.  


I specialize in helping women who feel unheard, unappreciated, and lonely in their  relationships. I work with my clients to help them understand their relational style and patterns, learn strategies for improving communication and connectedness with their partners, develop the skill of kindly but firmly setting healthy boundaries in their relationships, and strengthen other areas of their life to increase their sense of empowerment and overall happiness.


Common problems that I help my clients address are:

  • Anxiety about work, relationships, or the major life decisions

  • Difficulty communicating needs or setting boundaries

  • Comparing to other people and seeing personal successes as insignificant

  • Feeling stuck or lost in life

  • Unhappiness at work or inability to maintain work-life balance

  • Feeling overwhelmed by decisions, tasks, or goals

  • Relying on self-criticism for motivation despite its negative impact

Couples come to therapy to address a number of problems, from feeling unnoticed to feeling criticized, acting unfaithfully or acting withdrawn, and being distant or being too close.

Couples therapy is often shorter term than individual work, but consistent sessions at the onset of treatment allow you and your partner to make quick progress while also giving you the opportunity to apply what you have learned between meetings. Sessions can be reduced to biweekly or monthly, giving you and your partner the opportunity to practice skills and strengthen your relationship with continued support. My specialized training in couples therapy allows me to help couples no matter what problem they face, and I utilize several couples therapy approaches and interventions, tailored to best fit what the couple is seeking and needing.

Within couples work, I specialize in working with men who know that their relationship needs changing but don’t know how to fix things. Many are anxious or ambivalent about therapy and have resisted it for some time. They eventually find themselves in couples treatment because their relationship is at a breaking point, and usually arrive to the first session feeling worried and guarded. While our society fosters women’s emotional vulnerability, it silences men’s, and engaging in therapy can be difficult as a result. However, in my work I focus on helping male partners become comfortable openly sharing their feelings, hearing feedback from their partners, and engaging in couples therapy without anger, fear, or defensiveness. 

Common reasons that couples seek treatment are:

  • Poor communication and frequent misunderstandings

  • Inability to effectively resolve arguments

  • Lack of emotional intimacy

  • Mistrust, infidelity, or insecurity in your partnership

  • Difficulty communicating feelings or being vulnerable with your partner 


  • Feeling unappreciated, angry, or alone in your relationship

  • Volatile conflicts that are impacting day-to-day functioning

Couples coaching is for couples who are interested in highly focused, time-limited, and skills-based work. In coaching, couples engage in extended, intensive sessions of exploration, insight, and education. Couples gain awareness of their roles and communication styles, learn to recognize and change unhelpful patterns in their relationship, identify problem areas that require change, practice strategies to communicate more effectively, and learn the necessary skills to have calmer and more productive disagreements. Couples coaching requires both partners to complete an assessment prior to participation which helps to both focus and accelerate the work, and partners must commit to completing both individual and shared exercises between sessions. Couples coaching is intended for couples who:

  • Are in crisis and need immediate, intensive work to save the relationship

  • Have hit a rough patch after becoming parents, moving in together, or discovering an affair



    Are both committed to heal past hurts, take responsibility, and forgive

  • Would benefit from discernment counseling (navigating divorce ambivalence)



*This program is private pay only. Please contact me for additional information on the rates and time commitment required.

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