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 Available via Telehealth


I have found that couples make the fastest changes when they get emotional validation, direct feedback, and clear guidance on how to make things better. Letting you and your partner rehash arguments and engage in the same unhelpful dynamic for an entire session is simply not productive.

In couples therapy, I will:

  • Stop you from continuing in a negative cycle

  • Help you identify and share your feelings and unmet needs

  • Teach you how to communicate more effectively with each other

  • Provide support as you practice new ways of interacting.

  • Give you research-based information on how to strengthen your relationship

Couples can choose between an intensive or weekly therapy, depending on their needs and how immediately the problems need to be addressed. Here's some help in deciding which one is right for your relationship.

Couples come to therapy to address several problems, from feeling unnoticed to feeling criticized, acting unfaithfully or acting withdrawn, and being distant or too close. Many of my clients say that they feel resentful or have stopped caring about their partner after months or years of feeling unheard and uncared for, and although part of them still wants to make things better, they don't know how to forgive their partner or move forward in a healthier way. My specialized training in couples therapy allows me to help couples no matter their problem. I utilize several couples therapy approaches and interventions tailored to best fit what the couple is seeking and needing.

No couple starts a relationship expecting it to become miserable.

You can get back to feeling
loved, happy, and secure in your relationship through communication and understanding.

Start the journey today.

Couples who want to strengthen their relationship have two options: the couples intensive or weekly therapy. Each one offers different benefits, and you are welcome to contact me if you need help deciding which one is right for you. In general, couples in crisis who need intensive, immediate help or who want the fastest results would benefit from the intensive, while those who are addressing longstanding but less acute problems are good fits for weekly therapy. 

Couples Intensive

For the fastest result, I offer a couples intensive where couples dedicate a day to healing and strengthening their relationship. Intensives are available on select weekdays and Saturdays and are 6 hours long (with a one-hour "working" break), allowing you and your partner to address current issues and make fast progress. You will complete a questionnaire before the intensive, allowing us to dive right into the heart of the matter as soon as you arrive. Intensives are $2,600 for weekdays and $3.600 for Saturdays,  substantially less than the yearly cost of weekly therapy, making it both an efficient and cost-effective option for couples in need. 

Benefits of the intensive:

  • Condensing months or years of therapy into one day

  • Immediate and intensive work on your relationship

  • Easier scheduling and more efficient 




Weekday         $2,600 / 6 hours

Weekend         $3,600 / 6 hours

To sign up for a couples intensive, contact me to find a time that works. All intensives are virtual, so you and your partner can log in from the comfort of your own home.

Weekly Couples Therapy

Traditional couples therapy (weekly for 60 minutes) is also available for couples who can commit the time to make consistent progress. Regular sessions allow you to safely explore what needs to change in your relationship, including negative dynamics, triggers for downward spirals, communication issues, underlying problems related to trust or affection, and letting go of hurt and resentment. For some couples, the intensive will be too much, too quick, and the pace and approach of weekly sessions are more effective.


Benefits of weekly therapy:

  • Consistent sessions to ensure you make progress

  • More frequent support to keep your relationship on track

  • The opportunity to dive deeply into problems

  • Time between sessions to practice skills and solidify the progress


$400 / 60 minutes

Couples therapy is often shorter term than individual work. Still, consistent sessions at the onset of treatment allow you and your partner to make quick progress and apply what you have learned between meetings. Sessions can be reduced to biweekly or monthly, allowing you and your partner to practice skills and strengthen your relationship with continued support.


Common reasons that couples seek treatment are:

Intense Conflict and Volatility

  • Volatile conflicts that are impacting day-to-day functioning

  • Poor communication and frequent misunderstandings

  • Inability to effectively resolve arguments

Emotional Distance and Loneliness

  • Lack of emotional intimacy

  • Difficulty communicating feelings or being vulnerable with your partner 

  • Feeling unappreciated, angry, or alone in your relationship

Crises or Time-Sensitive Issues​

  • Mistrust, infidelity, or insecurity in your partnership

  • Deciding about breakup or divorce

  • Incompatible life goals 

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